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Impressing the Victorians and how the modern desktop doesn’t work

Is our computer desktop fit for purpose? A simple question, but one in an agile working world which is increasingly important. My short answer to the question though is ‘no’, it actively hinders things, reinforcing the workplace behaviours and cultures … Continue reading

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Digital isn’t E Gov in better clothes

I read a couple of blogs yesterday that prodded me into blogging action (it’s been a while). Mark Thompson wrote (here), in response to Andrea Di Maios Gartner post (here) saying that digital government is just making E government work. … Continue reading

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Creating digital services. A jump not a journey

Perhaps a little naively I have spent most of my adult life trying to find the perfect productivity system. I have read various books on the subject and keep challenging myself to get more out of the 24 hour day. … Continue reading

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When business models collide

I have just come back from a very frustrating trip to our local branch of Tesco. Need to say right from the start I am not anti-Tesco, but the experience this morning is a warning to us all when ¬†addressing … Continue reading

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More rules, equals less change. Discuss.

Are we too hard on ourselves as a nation? We are very keen on our rules in this country – and yet businesses claim they are over-regulated and this is stifling growth. However many people argue that places such as … Continue reading

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Is the fax machine killing innovation in the health service?

When a piece of technology works does an organisation relax and design systems around it, rather than customers? In the medical profession Doctors still write letters to each other as a means of referring patients, getting blood results around, etc. … Continue reading

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What is a public service?

Having looked at the new GOV.UK website, which pulls together various UK government departments in one place, I decided to compare it to what the Americans are doing. The British site looks great and, certainly on first look, seems well … Continue reading

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